The Pebble Pedalers

Seth Berling


When Seth was five years old, a friend dared him to take his sister's pink-tasseled bike down the hill in front of his house, a bold dare in the steep landscape of Tiburon, California. Seth surprisingly survived this audacious task and was immediately hooked on cycling. Since graduating in 2005 from the University of Washington, where he was a two-time national champion rower, Seth has bicycled across America and led a 15-person trip from Seattle to San Francisco. However, following by the mantra, "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space,” Seth wasn't satisfied by his adventurous exploits and the California native soon he began turning his sights on a larger trip with a bigger purpose: riding the length of the Pan-American highway to save Bristol Bay. "It's such an incredible resource," he says, "and too many people have never even heard of it. Through our trip, we hope to change that.” Currently 27 years old, Seth hopes to one day sail the Panama Canal and loves a nice, well-groomed mustache.

Parker Berling


Unlike his older brother Seth, Parker is not a natural on a bike. He'd much prefer fly fishing or playing basketball. From 2002 to 2005, Parker played forward for the University of California San Diego Tritons. But when brother Seth made a cross-country journey by bicycle in 2005, Parker caught the bug, bought a bike and began to ride, hoping the two might one day cycle together for a worthy cause. However, 17,000 miles on the road will certainly test their brotherly bond. The two have been known to argue over whether Seth was born with the biggest head in the world or just in North America – you know, like brothers do. But Parker, who's 25 and can easily beat his brother up, believes the two will weather the tough times ahead. "I'll be honest: We're going to argue and occasionally I'm going to have to put Seth in his place," Parker says. "But I'm not worried. We're in this for the cause. Also, I'm clearly taller and better looking than Seth."

The Pebble Pedalers are looking forward to their epic journey, immersing themselves in the cultures and diverse terrain along their 17,000 mile route. The two brothers will combine a wide array of skills, personalities, and backgrounds in order to turn their passion into purpose: saving Bristol Bay.

The Support Team

Meredith Obendorfer


Much to her dismay, Meredith, an avid cyclist herself, is not making the trip. However, she gives other bicycle commuters a serious run for their money during her daily bike ride to Blanc & Otus, a San Francisco-based communications consultancy. When she's not providing strategic insights to high-tech companies, she's either competing in bike races or living vicariously through the Pedalers as the team's fearless public relations guru. To reach her, or the Pebble Pedalers, contact Meredith at mo@pebblepedalers.com or on her cell phone at (415) 395-6371. You can also follow her exploits about the high tech industry and her love for the bike on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/meredithob

Jeff Remer


Jeff, a California native, loves biking too. When he's not racing his bike he can usually be found behind a computer. Jeff takes care of all the Pebble Pedalers' website needs. If you have comments or questions about this website or the Pebble Pedalers blog feel free to contact Jeff at jeff@pebblepedalers.com.